My Mission

Many people today feel out of place, alienated. At the worst this can lead to mental health struggles and substance abuse. I want to bring connection, positivity, and humor through my artwork. I would love to get a laugh but a soft smile will do.

Growing up I felt disconnected from the religious community in which I was raised. I spent most of my life miserable and battling alcoholism. I have overcome these challenges and want to uplift others. I do this through my formal training and dark humor.

Cute bunnies and ducks can make dark subjects bearable. Nude skull people evoke classical artwork and vulnerability, as well as the silliness of being naked.

Although these are my specific intentions I welcome all interpretations of my images; it is a pleasure to see my work through the eyes of others.
The most succinctly I can put it is I am a former sad goth spreading joy.

If you have any questions/comments please feel free to leave a message or email me.