In my work I explore the depths of human experiences, embracing elements both fanciful and catastrophic. Inspired by my life experiences, I create loose narratives evoking whimsy and dark humor.

I use a variety of imagery, including cute animals, nude figures wearing skull masks, and tragic situations. By incorporating these contrasting elements, I aim to evoke the underlying anxiety and unpredictability of life in the 21st century, as well as provide some relief from it. Some of my imagery is AI generated; I am exploring this new tool in my digital sketches and painting them showing the flaws of my human hand on canvas.

Growing up in a religious community in Kansas City, I often felt like an outsider. This profoundly influenced my artistic journey, shaping my exploration of the human condition. I aim to invite viewers to find solace, forge connections, and maybe even get a laugh or smile.

Because of my battles with alcoholism and depression I am intimately aware of the healing power of art and the importance of community. My artwork aims to provide a sense of belonging to those who feel out of place. By infusing whimsy, catastrophe, and humor into my creations, I seek to spark conversations and create a space where viewers can explore their own experiences. I hope to remind others that they are not alone in their journey and that there is beauty in embracing the full spectrum of human emotions.

Craig Mussman